MAY 28-29, 2018


Rob Lambert is the owner of Cultivated Management, an management training and consulting business for those new to the challenging world of management in the technology industry.

Rob Lambert started his career as a software tester before moving on to be an Engineering Manager where he helped build an outstanding agile DevOps team. He then took a step sideways to HR to lead engagement, enablement and training.

Rob’s mission is to create the tech industries most fun, helpful and relevant resource and training service that meets the tech industries demand for people centric managers - managers who can grow epic high performing teams in a sustainable, fun and socially responsible way.

Rob is an advocate for many important social causes, likes to take photos, enjoys fast cars and writes books, blogs and film scripts.

He is married with three kids and lives in historic Winchester, UK.

He’s on Twitter at @rob_lambert and you can find out more on

When the organisers of The TestingCup asked me to be program chair I was incredibly honoured and pleased.

Not only because the TestingCup is going from strength to strength and has a fabulous reputation, but because it's also in Poland - a country I have been building teams in for the last 5 years.

The Polish testing community is vibrant, fun and enthusiastic. The country really does have a growing number of very talented people capable of pushing and pulling the craft of testing to the next level.

Our goal with the conference is to keep the informal and fun Polish vibe, but to open the conference, and now the testing cup, to an audience outside of Poland too. So we encourage submissions from everyone, and also don't hesitate to enter the competition too!

The theme for the event is "Context at the centre of Testing" which is all about how the context you find yourself in guides, leads, changes and influences your testing. Why do you make the decision you do? Why are your teams built in that way? What are you using from the past? How are you embracing the future?

I'm very excited about the theme as it asks you to think about why you do testing in the way you do. It invites you to question whether your testing needs to change as technology moves on, customer's expectations continue to rise and our discipline of testing clashes and morphs with other disciplines in software development.

The conference will be held in Łódź - a city built on an industrial history and located pretty much in the centre of Poland - so what better place to talk about context being the centre of testing?

I look forward to reading your submissions and working with the brilliant organisers to line up an epic day of conferencing after a challenging and fun day of testing.

See you in May.

Conference theme:


If you would like to become a speaker at the Testing Cup 2018 conference in Łódź, we invite you to submit an abstract on the following topics:

  • Context-Driven Testing
  • Exploratory approaches (heuristics, session-based testing)
  • Testing Artificial Intelligence (self-driving cars, etc.)
  • Testing Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Testing in Robotics
  • Future of Testing
  • Testing the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • New ideas in software testing
  • Technical testing
  • Tool support in testing
  • Testing in Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Lean...
Sessions will not be limited to these subjects only. If you have an interesting story to share on other topics, we'd like to hear from you as well. Apart from regular track sessions, there is also room for workshops for small groups (15-20 participants) where you will be able to present your approach to a practical problem during an interactive session (120 minutes). We encourage you to prepare your sessions in English, but those in Polish can also be accepted.

Benefits for speakers:

  • Opportunity to present their knowledge in front of a large and demanding audience
  • Video recording of the (selected) presentations to be published online via TestingCup YouTube channel

Compensation policy:

  • Accepted speakers will receive a complimentary conference registration
  • Hotel accommodation - one night stay
  • Limit for travel from Europe: 250 euro
  • Limit for travel from outside Europe: 500 euro

Submission deadline:

January 31st, 2018


Terms & Conditions*

By submitting this application I understand that:
- My travel costs will be covered if my presentation to TestingCup is accepted and according to the compensation policy
- All TestingCup 2018 talks will be recorded on video and made available publicly

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Test manager having 10 years experience in IT, also as a tester. An active supporter of beginners in testing, initiator and organizer of workshops and meetups for newbies.

Kasia enjoys being part of complex projects and loves challenges. Her biggest passion is working with people who have never tested before – this is why a lot of her focus is on managing UAT.

She knows conferences from various perspectives – she participated in them as an organizer, a speaker and a host.

Outside of the software testing world – she likes active life, outdoor activities, travels and meeting new people.

Michał Stryjak works as Head of Software Development at PiLab. Currently involved in creating a product that helps identify patterns and relationships of data elements between large, complex data sets that may be scattered around the company.

Since 2007, when his adventure in testing began, Michał gained experience as Tester and Test Manager at Siemens, Volvo or Objectivity. He quickly realized that testing itself does not improve the quality so he started to focus on processes and relations. He discovered that the real key to Quality is a well organized team and efficient communication with project stakeholders.

(+48) 533 389 220